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The Hull Loan System is a diamond brokerage business. While we are not a diamond pawn shop, we do make loans to individuals, all of which are collateralized by diamonds. We also sell diamonds and diamond jewelry at discount prices. We are licensed by the Minnesota Department of Commerce under the Minnesota Regulated Lenders Act, and we have been in business since 1939.

If you own a diamond or piece of diamond jewelry, we will give you a loan based on the value of the diamond at auction.  We hold the diamond in our possession as collateral and security on the loan. The process often takes less than an hour.

What separates us from the pawn shops is that we offer more money, at better interest rates with longer payback periods. As a regulated lender, we give you every assurance of compliance with the consumer protection provisions of our MN Regulated Lender’s License. We are dedicated to treating clients with respect and providing excellent service.

While diamonds are just compressed carbon, they are the most expensive gemstones in existence. They are associated with wealth, purity, brilliance, and interpersonal commitment. They are a symbol of everlasting love, and are what many women hope to receive in an engagement ring.

Diamonds, however, can also offer assistance when you are in need. That sparkling stone can save you from distress when you need or want to borrow money for whatever reason. You can tender as collateral loose diamonds or diamonds mounted in rings, bracelets, pendants, or earrings.

Loans from Diamonds

The Hull Loan System is here to help you. As a diamond brokerage business, we offer loans based on the value of the jewelry. You can obtain financial help by tendering a diamond in person or by mail. We accept either mounted or loose diamonds, so long as they are owned free and clear of any encumbrance. Our Chapter 56 regulated loan programs are also much cheaper for the customer than is a pawn. We typically offer more money and give you a longer amount of time to pay it back.

Peace of Mind

We are a reliable brokerage business that operates as a Chapter 56 Regulated Lender under Minnesota state law. This means that interest rates and fees are prescribed by state law. On top of that, the Minnesota Department of Commerce examines and audits our business at least once every two years for compliance with the Consumer Protections Act of the Minnesota Regulated Lenders act.

If you are considering pawning a diamond, call us instead. Schedule an appointment to obtain a regulated diamond loan and see difference. We strive to accommodate same day appointments and always provide the level of service you deserve.

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